Joyce McCarten - Fine Artist
A Full Circle 2023 Morocco and Provence 2022 Pandemic Meanderings 2020-2021 My Pirate Days 2019 Peace of Wild Things 2017-2018 African Series 2016 Bone Series 2015 Selected Paintings 2000-2014 Commissions and Large Paintings
Still Life Italy and Greece Figures Archives Montana and France
Pretoria Oil on shaped canvas 1965, 64x48"
Center of Halifax 1968, Acrylic on Board, 48.5x48.5
City Deep 1968, 36x40" Acrylic (3-D vertical strips,
City Deep
City Deep
Basic Shape 2001
Review by Terri Parmelee 2001
Don McCarten 2001
Gold Mine
Germany Motor Cycle drawings
Self Portrait
Switzerland Motorcycle drawing