Joyce McCarten - Fine Artist
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Peace of Wild Things 2017

The title of this series comes from a poem by Wendell Berry, "The Peace of Wild Things"

The "wild things" are those things not made by humans.  The symmetry of an ivy leaf, the perfection of a lily; all are things that come without the effort of man's hand. These years,  I mark the passing of time by engaging in the seasons.  Each season is a ritual full of rawness, power and beauty.  Most of my paintings are made or at least begun, outside in my suburban backyard where I can experience the full effects of God's creation.

My images are a direct response to what is going on outside.  I take in the plants, the trees, the air and all the elements of each season.  It is an emotional response that attempts more than a description of a place or a flower.  I create a visceral experience through mark making and gestural paint application.  Recently, the paintings have become frenetic and I have resolved to let them have their way.

The Ivy Makes its Appearance Oil and Charcoal 36x36"
Shadow Land Oil 32x48"
Chasing Autumn #1 Oil 36x36"
Chasing Autumn #2 Oil 36x36
Early Spring is Complicated Oil and Charcoal 36x60"
The Tulips Were Late This Year Oil and Charcoal 36x36"
Spring and All Oil 30x30" sold
Earthy Delights Oil on Canvas 36x36"
Lilies of the Field Oil and Charcoal on canvas 50x30" sold
The Big Green Oil on Canvas 30x40"
After the Micro Burst Oil on canvas 30x48"
Sunny Day Acrylic and charcoal on paper 12x14"
Almost Dusk Acrylic on paper 13x13"
Summer Soltice Acrylic on paper 18x19"