Joyce McCarten - Fine Artist
A Full Circle 2023 Morocco and Provence 2022 Pandemic Meanderings 2020-2021 My Pirate Days 2019 Peace of Wild Things 2017-2018 African Series 2016 Bone Series 2015 Selected Paintings 2000-2014 Commissions and Large Paintings
Still Life Italy and Greece Figures Archives Montana and France
10,000 Maniacs Mixed Media 26x40" framed and matted under glass sold
Blue Provence 36x48" Oil on canvas
Bridge 48x24" Mixed Media
Cake Love Acrylic,33x26" matted and framed sold
Change of Venue 26x30", matted and framed. oil on paper
Commedia del Arte Oil on canvas 36x60"
Fragments Oil on canvas 26x38" Framed
Hanging Chads Mixed Media, 30x40" $650
Heartland Mixed Media, 20x31" $650
Man Lifts Woman Mixed Media 26x32" Matted and Framed $750
Masi Magic Oil on canvas, 20x16" $350
Masi Shields Oil on canvas, 30x40" sold
You Were Always On My Mind, Oil and collage, 30x37" framed
Orange Twist Oil on canvas, framed 30x40 sold
Red Cliffs Oil on canvas 24x30" $500
Sanctuary Oil on paper, framed 26x34"sold
Starbuck Mixed Media, matted and framed, 26x30"sold
Times New Roman Oil and collage on canvas, 30x40" sold
Yakketing in the Wilderness Mixed Media , 36x48"
Yuma Mixed Media 24x48"
The Emotional Element Mixed Media on board 16x29"