Joyce McCarten - Fine Artist
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2019  My Pirate Days

The recent abstract paintings are a reflection of my 12-year-marriage to Walter Smith, my late husband. I read once that grief is better when you begin to remember all the good things about a loved one who has passed away.  So I reminded myself of good memories and made abstract paintings about them.  For the viewer, they are abstract expressionist paintings.  For me, they are reminder of the fun and love of our marriage. Walter Smith was a businessman, a professional actor and a man of integrity and fun.  After diagnosis and treatmentof cancer in 2006, it was his intention to life life to the fullest.  We had ten years of "stolen time" and our marriagewas filled with great love and joy.  Each painting in this show expresses some of the joy we shared in specificlocations or in the humor we saw in today's memes. I use color, shape ad gesture in oil paint to capture the excitement of a life well lived. While I grieve his loss, I celebrate him for all his quirkiness, his passions and his love of life.  I will move foward without him, but first, I will look back to my "pirate days" with Walter Smith.

Ice Breaker 36x36" Oil Sold
My Pirate Days 36x48" Oil Sold
Beautiful December 30x80" Oil
The Art of Eephing 20x60" Oil
Passage to Ulm 48x60" Oil
Acres and Pains 36x60" Oil Sold
Stacking Coins 30x40" Oil
"No One Leaves Picasso" 24x48" Oil
Topsy Turvey 24x48" Oil
Berber Bands 15x30" Oil
Moraccan Desert 15x30" Oil
Lost in Manteo 12x12" Oil Sold
Sperlonga (Italy) 17x48"Oil on canvas
Like Faded Calico 13x14" Mixed Media