Joyce McCarten - Fine Artist
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New Work 2020-2021

The ongoing pandemic isolation of last year and this year has motivated me to consider being spare in color and shape.  Isolation from families and friends has led to new rhythms and structures in my work.  I still make abstractions with my personal language of form, gesture and line, but something has changed.  The work mostly consists of big white shapes, some alone and some coming close to each other. They are reminiscent of land forms, but not landscapes, per se.  They are unknown to me, much like the times we are in. 

A Summer's Day 30x40" Acrylic
Flower Power 48x48" Oil
Consider the Lilies 24x48" Oil
"The Sun was on My Path30x40" Acrylic Sold
Land and Sea 48x60" Oil Sold
Cloudstreet 30x40" Acrylic Sold
"Coming Together"30x40" Acrylic
White Sheets 40x30" Oil
Shape 12x12" Oil Sold
Wired 12x12" Oil Sold
Iceberg 12x12" Oil Sold
Untitled 60x48" Acrylic